The Fundo Posithivo


The foundation was created not to provide direct services to the community, but actually to support Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and NGOs working with them.

The PositHiVo Fund is dedicated to resource mobilization through several sources of financial support. These funds will be allocated to NGOs and CSOs working in the field of HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis. The transfer of these funds to organizations will be made via official public announcements, allowing all interested organizations to benefit.

“Mobilizing resources” means not only fundraising and providing materials and services, but also connecting people and communities to the cause as well as gaining new partnerships. After all, the Fund wants to effectively mobilize society by expanding the social base of support for the HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis cause.

Another key objective of PositHiVo Fund is to finance projects for grassroots communities; assist in the technical training of CSOs; strengthen partnership activities between different organizations; and promote the need for planning, monitoring and evaluation of actions.

The challenge for maintaining, strengthening and autonomy of these CSOs is, above all, ensuring the full exercise of citizenship and better quality of life.

According to the Independent Funds Network for Social Justice there are now ten other such organizations operating in several thematic areas in the country: Brazil Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos, which works to promote human rights; Fundo Social Ellas, which works in the gender space; and Fundo Baobab, which works in the area of racial equity; Fundo Socioambiental Casa – working in environmental sustainability. This network comprises another four foundations whose missions are similar to the principles and policies of an independent fund, such as: The Brazil Foundation; Instituto Rio; Instituto Grande Florianópolis and the Instituto Baixada Maranhense.

It is in this same spirit that Fundo PositHivo was created. We are the first social fund promoted by an agency of the Brazilian federal government (Ministry of Health), which aims to build a private and independent budget with resources from different funding sources, which enables the financing of NGO projects.

These social funds are configured as non-profit social institutions, which are independently and privately operated.

Fundo PositHiVo is in the process of structuring and mobilizing resources for its operation and subsequent support to NGOs and CSOs. Unlike other private social funds that were set up from a legacy of international cooperation, the PositHiVo Fund was born with the challenge of mobilizing resources to provide an initial budget.


Avenida São Luís, 50 sl. 72G – República – São Paulo/SP
+55 11 2345 6789 - +55 11 2345 6789